Tech & Data 2017

This page is the archive from 2017. Please refer to this year’s Tech & Data page.

Contributions from Jisc

Jisc is working with a number of UK institutions collecting and using large data sets in a standard format as part of its national infrastructure for learning analytics (pdf).  Core tools and sample data from the project will be made available as part of the hackathon.

This includes:

  • The Learning Records Warehouse, which stores activity data in xAPI and student data in a standard format known as the Universal Data Definitions (UDD). This is based on the HT2 Learning Locker open source product augmented to support Jisc UDD storage.
  • A sample data set including student data, VLE, attendance, and library use as well as sample predictions.  Whilst the data will be generated, it will follow a similar profile to the live data set.
  • Analytics Labs – a secure desktop environment, allowing creation of visualizations using Tableau.
  • Jisc’s Universal xAPI Translator, which allows data to be rapidly converted from text files into any xAPI profile, allowing easy testing of new recipes and profiles.
  • Sample xAPI aggregation code toolkit, showing how to aggregate xAPI and UDD data as the first step in producing visualizations.
  • Access to the API and code for the Jisc student app – Study Goal, allowing experimentation with student facing services.

Lee Baylis outlines some of the Jisc technologies in an informal blog post.

Tribal Student Insight

Student Insight is a learning analytics engine and dashboard application.

Tribal will provide access to a hosted instance of Student Insight and API documentation. The API will allow access to information about students, their groups, and risk predictions.

ICTS – University of Amsterdam

synthetic data generator based on open source software that you can use to provision a Learning Record Store or performance/conformance test realistic infrastructure.