Programme 2017

This is the archive version of the programme from 2017. Please also consult the latest programme.

This programme is  deliberately subject to change based on contributions from you the participant.

Initial Schedule

Day 1

Introduction (30m)

  • Identity and role of organisers/facilitators
  • Structure of the workshop, ethos, expectations of participants etc
  • Signposting online resources, arrangements for API access, protocol for contributions

Socialisation (30m)

  • Birds-of-a feather groups based on expertise – get to know your peers
  • Ice-breaker groups cutting across expertise – get to know your counterparts

Setting the Scene (1h30)

  • Overview of conference papers/posters which are of relevance to the hackathon theme
  • Lightning talks to outline an issue, or have a rant, of relevance to the workshop theme
  • Contributors of systems or data identify themselves
  • Voting on the issues/rants to take up in the working session

First Working Session (3h)

  • Identification of break-out/table-top topics and groups
  • Part 1 – elaborating the problem definition, identifying the tasks, contribution/role of group members, data/system to use, expertise/knowledge not available in the group
  • Plenary exchange of summary of part 1, discussion
  • Part 2 – start practical work
  • Plenary feedback on progress, challenges

Day 2

Reflections on Day 1

  • Sharing thoughts and ideas that emerged from evening discussions, quiet reflection etc

Expansion on day 1 themes (3h)

  • Continuation of efforts from first working session

Finalising and sharing efforts (3h)

  • Getting outputs to a shareable state, writing notes, etc. Deposit into GitHub as a persistent store.
  • Plenary presentations, Q&A, discussion
  • Discussion on promising results to follow up, next steps.


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