The hackathon isn’t a conventional academic workshop, but for the first time in 2018 we have captured a number of challenges in advance and will publish them as part of the companion proceedings for LAK18. You can read details of each challenge below.

New ideas are still encouraged and very welcome on the day. Please come ready to pitch your idea with a 10 minute (maximum) presentation.

One key difference to a normal workshop is that we expect to produce outputs during the workshop, as well as having inputs at the start of the hackathon.

We will follow the practice of previous LAK hackathons, taking care to organise and preserve the outputs from the hackathon in GitHub. A repository has been set up for the 2018 hackathon; this will include:

  • initial contributions of lightning talks or position papers, etc
  • either access arrangements for hackathon data, or the data itself
  • notes, diagrams, etc created by the working groups
  • code developed during the hackathon

Hackathon attendees can get themselves added to the Participants Team to get write access and to be able to use the Kanban-style projects feature of GitHub. Drop us a line via the contact page.

In past hackathons, contributions to other initiatives have also taken place, for example raising issues or pull requests on other GitHub repositories, for example the Jisc Experience API recipes. This is encouraged again.

An effort will be made at the end of the hackathon to summarise the evidence and lessons learned generated during the hackathon and then publish as part of the proceedings of the conference.

Attendees are most welcome to join this effort.