Challenges 2017

The workshop theme will be the role of visualizations to support “getting the right information to the right people so they can take the right action”.

Within this theme, emphasis, but not exclusive attention, will be on student-facing solutions such as apps, dashboards and personal learning record stores. The workshop participants will determine the detailed objectives of each working group, stimulated by outlines of challenges posed by the organizers and contributed by participants at the start of the workshop. The challenges posed by the organizers are:

  • Traffic-light indicators of risk and engagement scores are intuitively appealing; but how can we create visualizations for student support professionals which convey uncertainty about the results and reveal more about risk to allow more informed action?
  • Which ways of communicating the results of learning analytics to students – without intermediation through a professional – are desirable, effective, and free from unacceptable side-effects?
  • While there has been considerable research on learning analytics for Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) [1], this not been in relation to mainstream institutional systems. How far can we go with systems and data that are generally in use? What are the implications for interoperability standards development?
  • How do we envisage surfacing the contents of a personal learning record store? These will enable individuals to maintain a high degree of control and ownership over their learning records as they progress through different stages of their education and employment. What are the limitations in current software and APIs?

Other Ideas?

You have the power: Please contribute a challenge to the hackathon. More information appears on the Contribute Page.


[1] Roll, I. and Winne, P.H. 2015. Understanding, evaluating, and supporting self-regulated learning using learning analytics. Journal of Learning Analytics. 2, 1 (2015), 7–12.